How it works

Renting on Toolsity

Find your tool

  • Browse the listings or use the keyword search function
  • Ensure that the tool is available for the desired dates
  • Confirm your request by accepting the PayPal payment pre-authorisation
Renter first step
Renter second step

Arrange a pickup with the lister

  • Once the lister accepts the rental, discuss the pickup time and location
  • At pickup, foresee the security deposit in cash
  • Ask for a technical briefing of the tool

Safely use the tool

  • Use the tool in a cautious and responsible manner
  • Contact the lister for any question or rental extension
Renter third step
Renter fourth step

Return it to the lister

  • Respect the agreed return place and time
  • Mark the rental as complete
  • Leave a review of the lister and/or the listing

Listing on Toolsity

Post a new listing

  • Define a concise title and describe your tool’s features and accessories
  • Set a price and the deposit fee
  • Upload nice pictures of the listed tool
Lister first step
Lister second step

Accept rental requests

  • Once a user is interested in renting your tool, accept or reject their request
  • In a private message, discuss your availabilities for a pickup (time, place, phone number)
  • Note: make sure you connect your PayPal account, otherwise you cannot accept requests.
    If you do not have a PayPal account, Toolsity suggests that renters contact you in a private message. In that case, you can arrange the transaction bilaterally, but you do not benefit from the security mechanisms of PayPal and Toolsity.

Meet the renter

  • Handover your tool and explain briefly what they need to know
  • Request the cash security deposit in exchange
Lister third step
Lister fourth step

Get the tool back and mark the transaction as completed

  • Retrieve the tool on an agreed time and place and return the cash deposit
  • Mark the rental as complete on Toolsity to discharge both parties
  • Leave a review on the product and/or the user

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